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In addition to Black Hawk Literary Agency and Unicorn Writers Conference, our new company is Unicorn for Writers LLC - 40 different services for writers. We  handle editing, one page summary, competition evaluation, permissions, copyrights, subsidiary rights, social media packages, art/book cover designs, book reviews, and many other services. Jan Kardys, President of Black Hawk Literary Agency, draws on over 30 years of diversified publishing experience for nine major publishing corporations.  Director of Contracts for Warner Books/Little, Brown & Company, Director of Contracts at Macmillan Publishing Company, Charles Scribner's Sons, and Contracts Director at Prentice Hall/Simon & Schuster. Prior work history with: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Doubleday, Scholastic, Lippincott & Crowell, Publishers, St. Martin's Press, Conde Nast Publications, and Google. Beginning a career in editorial, Jan also worked in art and production in School publishing. Holding various executive positions in subsidiary rights, licensing, database design, imaging, royalty conversions, contracts, copyrights & permissions departments. See JanKardys.com  and unicornwritersconference.com

1.     Manuscript Evaluation: $350/350 pages  $45 Children’s Book  $45 Short Story
2.     Manuscript Editing:  $4 per page, line editing
3.     Chapter Evaluation: $45 – maximum 50 pages
4.     First 5 Pages Review: $25
5.     Copyediting & Proofreading:  $2 per page
6.     One Page Summary Creation: $200
7.     One Page Summary Review/Rewrite:  $100
8.     Outline Creation/Review/Rewrite:  $2 for creation, $2 review, $3 rewrite per page.
9.     Ghostwriters: call for quotes
10.  Competition Evaluation/Research:  $450 depending
on book
11.  Title Creation:  $350
12.  In Depth Character Analysis: $350
13.  Query Letter Creation/Review:  $65 for creation, $45 for review/comments
14.  Book Proposal Creation/Review: $1000 for creation, $400 for review/comments
15.  Copyright Registration:  $30 one time for registration
16.  Permissions Obtained:  $25 per hr. $25 for copyright research

1.     Publishing Consultation:  $465/hr. via phone
2.     Consultation Traditional vs. Self Publishing:  $40/hr. via phone
3.     Agents- Recommendations:  $100 for 10 agents in your book/genre
4.     Publishers – Recommendations:  $45 per book publisher or press
5.     Publishing Agreements Prep.:  $50 for document less than 2 pgs., $100 for document over 4 pgs.
6.     Book Printers – Recommendations:  10 printer recommendations for $20
7.     E-Publishing – Recommendations:  $250 to locate the right e-book publisher
8.     Contract Review/Negotiation: $400 for review, $600 for negotiation
9.     Subsidiary Rights:  $40 per hr. for making submissions plus mailing costs, (domestic rights & foreign rights), and 25% of the sale
10.  Special Sales:  $40 per hr. for making submissions plus mailing costs, and 25% of the sale

1.     Social Media Pkgs.: $350 Custom Designed for your book
2.     Media Training:  $200 per hour via phone
3.     Marketing Platform Creation:  $500 (creation) custom designed for your book
4.     Book Trailer: Call for price
5.     Website Layout:  $250, Recommendations on fields, creative layout (no programming of the web site is included)
6.     Postcards, Bookmarks, Business Cards:  $150 postcard, $100 bookmark, $85 Business card (logo not included)
7.     Stickers, Banners, Brochures, Ads: call us
8.     Newsletters, Greeting Cards, Promotion: call us
9.     PowerPoint Design: $300-$850 depending on project

1.     Book Cover Design:  $300-$2000 for each cover design
2.     Book Interior: call us for quote
3.     Illustrations:  call for quote and a conversation
4.     Artist Recommendations:  Call for quote and conversation
5.     Picture Book Art Review: $75

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